Irony, thy name is Greybeard.

You all remember Greybeard from UOEvil, dontcha? Recall back in July when he said “I would even go so far as to say that the day I log in and find that I’ve gotten a ban (even as short as 24 hours) for macroing, is the day I cancel my account”? Well, I sure did. Oddly enough, he might not have. You see, Greybeard is now GM for a private shard called honorbound. He recently sent this message to his players;

“Folks, you have GOT to keep abreast of the rules. I amazingly am still coming across people macroing. Dont think that because you are hiding under a tree in the middle of the woods somewhere that you wont get caught. Fact is that you will be found no matter where you “hide”. Now, originally the plan was to immediately
ban you on the spot when we caught you, but the three guys I found yesterday and today, I was generous enough to “only” wipe their backpack (including deleting their newbie box) and their entire bank account. Gold, keys, runes, reagents, kiss it all goodbye. TwinkleToes managed to macro up 1.5 archery skill yesterday and it only cost him 70,000 gp and 3000 reagents to do so. What a bargain eh? We are NOT fucking around with you and will not tolerage gimpy bastards flagrently disregarding our rules. Our generosity will soon be coming to an and you can expect accounts to start getting axed quick, fast and in a hurry in the near future over this.

Well, I guess if you’re not a rebel at the age of 20 you got no heart, and if you are a rebel at the age of thirty you got no brain. Or something like that. Coming soon: Braves pitcher Rocker berates Major League Baseball for racial intolerance!

Perhaps Tyrant and Greybeard can start swapping ICQ numbers.