Thought the tales of MMOs inhabited by third world sweatshops grinding out a few measly gold pieces a day are a bit sci-fi?

So did this guy.

> Do you know who these people are that you’re killing?

She didn’t answer, but she had an idea. She killed four more and shook out her wrists.

> They’re working for less than a dollar a day. The shirts they make are traded for gold and the gold is sold on eBay. Once their avatars have leveled up, they too are sold off on eBay. They’re mostly young girls supporting their families. They’re the lucky ones: the unlucky ones work as prostitutes.

Her wrists really ached. She slaughtered half a dozen more.

It’s a really good read, although in real life the sweatshop laborers tend to make more than the people actually playing. In the game, that is. In real life. OK, I’ll stop now.