It’s come to my attention that trying to read the last update actually made some folks’ brain explode. Therefore, even though it’s been posted verbatim everywhere else, I will try to translate it into English.

About a year and a half ago on Lake Superior, there was a guild called Digital Funk Machine (DFM). They would tear up everyone they fought in PvP, but what many found unusual is that they would wear invulnerable armor and wield vanquishing weapons in battle. Occasionally one would be killed, but they would return shortly thereafter, without being slowed down by stat/skill loss.

A rivalry developed between the guildmaster of DFM, Notorious NPC, and myself. When one of my guildmembers killed him using a one-hit-killer weapon, he went nuts. For some reason, I thought this was odd.

Later I heard that Notorious NPC was actually GM Ironwill. This was confirmed when another of my guildmembers used UOE to kill him while he was hidden and was promptly perma-banned by Ironwill, supposedly with being told “you’re getting what you deserve”.

Then other stuff happened. Ironwill, or possibly Notorious, posted on message boards that I was a Nazi. I escorted some PKs who were carrying around one-hit-killer weapons when a counselor saw me and banned me. The counselors were then revised.

There then were a lot more one-hit-killer weapons on Lake Superior on Napa. Many think it’s due to a GM screwup that created these weapons. Others think they were created on purpose. There may be one-hit-killer weapons on these shards today.

Regardless, you and the other people I’ve sent this to provide a soap box for the player community, and I trust you will let everyone read this so that they can judge these events for themselves.

KillaX, formerly of HoS, LS