Another voice in the fray

As spotted on Raph’s blog, Matt Mihaly is blogging now.

Why should you care?


  • He’s one of the more outspoken voices in the dev community (his point-by-point napalming of the “Burning Down the House” GDC session on Terra Nova still cracks me up)
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  • His MUDs (or “text MMOs” as he prefers) are among the most innovative (and not coincidentally, popular and profitable) ones in the industry, pioneering such subjects as roleplayed contextual PVP, political systems that matter, and drug abuse
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  • Did I mention outspoken voice? Yeah.

Between him and Daniel James, another rogue innovator who began blogging this past month, we should be in for good times. It’s good to see more luminaries of the virtual world sphere stepping up and contributing to the ongoing dialogue.