Stretch-7 of the Cult of 7 Sins reports in with this:

This happened to my guild’s premier enemy Lords of Death (LoD) – Baja. He is what the GM of LoD posted on our message board (Cult of the 7 Sins).

Reference: LoD Board – Cult of 7 Sins Board

In my opinion this is horrific, espcailly because it literally takes hours for a gm to declare war on specific guilds. “Orc Pimp” is offensive? BAH!

Another horror story from the archives of GM Abuse and Maltreatment of PvP Oriented Guilds.

We have survived the reputation patch, stat-loss and whatever half-cooked, anti-pvp patch that OSI released. Through it all, we have gritted our teeth and beared it. But this latest issue just really pisses me off.

I logged in late one night to tend to some guildstone duties when all of the sudden the dreaded “Your account has been blocked” screen came up. I hurriedly checked my e-mail and found this ridiculous letter in my in-box.


There are several offensive guild titles under your guild leadership from the character DarkBlade. These names are:

Johnny, Lord Salad Tosser
Couladin, Lord of Butt Jacking
Balinore, Orc Pimp
Kaiesis, Lord of Fags

I have suspended your account for 24 hours and disbanded your guild. You will have to re-add everyone with appropriate names.

At first, I thought to myself “ok, no big deal, I’ll just re-add everyone tomorrow.” But, I later find out from a guildmate that not only was everyone kicked from the guild, but that our guildstone was deleted too! Now, anyone who has ever run a PvP oriented guild knows how difficult it is to declare wars. Because of the crappy interface of the guildstone, declaring wars is a major hassle. Also, now we have to go through the task of getting all the other guilds to declare back on us. Considering we had over 20 mutual wars, this is an enormous task to say the least. So basically, what was our punishment? Over a years worth of war declaration down the drain with a swift keystroke of a GM.

Punishment fit the crime? Yes, I understand that the guild titles were offensive. I can even understand his rationale that it was my responsibility (hence the 24 hour ban), but disbanding our guild over this? I think this is simply ridiculous. He could have simply given me the ban, kicked the offending characters of the stone and send me a letter asking me to change it. Why then such a harsh punishment? Honestly, I think it’s because we are the Lords of Death. We are a prominent (and successful) PvP/PK oriented and don’t fit the RP mold that OSI desires. I seriously hope that this isn’t the case but is merely abuse of power by an idiot GM. IMO, if we were a prominent RP guild, a punishment of this magnitude would have never occured.

In short, this is utter bullshit.


My thoughts – very few roleplayers will walk around with the guild title “Lord of Butt Jacking”. It may seem like OSI is targeting PvPers unfairly, but basically, the most offensive gimps in the game tend to be into PvP (and give those of us into PvP who aren’t offensive gimps a bad name).

The guildwar interface is pretty retarded though. I’d submit that guildstones shouldn’t be deleted unless the guild name itself is offensive (like, say, “KKK”). Not only do guildstones cost money, but the real penalty is in tracking down and declaring on all the guilds they were at war at, as the guildmaster stated.

As far as I can tell, LoD actually played by the rules. They didn’t random PK, but declared war on their opponents. This needs to be encouraged, not penalized.

(Those names were pretty lame, though. Although I agree that “Orc Pimp” is probably acceptable. Except to other orcs.)