ANY RELATION? [Author: wirehead]

Still in NewsSavant mode ((C) Formica) as I try to figure out what the hell happened this morning. Here’s a clue for you all, maybe it has nothing to do with anything, maybe it’s significant. Pucky of Tradespot has always been in the middle of the rumors swirling around “dirty” money transfers between Chessie and Siege. He’s got a castle — he says it’s legit and the GMs have given him a clean bill of health.

December 9 – Pucky tries to buy Siege property with Catskills property
December 14 – Pucky abruptly announces that he is selling everything he owns and leaving UO
December 16 – Hammerfall

Coincidence — or was he tipped off? I’m told a couple of people were warned by GMs of a mass banning coming this morning. Was he one of them? Did he know he had something to hide?