Anyway I posted the following on their boards but their boards stripped out all my scrumpdillyishus HTML coding so I thought I would repost it here with the HTML coding in all its glory. And also to show how research is good.


Crysallis I would think a site that enjoys the good reputation that AO Basher does would do a bit more research before posting something so blatantly false.

First off the site is not closing due to monetary considerations. As I stated in the notification of the site closing down, the domain name is changing because Lum works for Mythic Entertainment now and needs to extricate himself and his ‘handle’ from a site which will probably end up critiquing the game he works on.

I am the owner and managing editor of the site right now. As I stated in the article referenced above, I was recently promoted at work and given a very challenging project to work on. I have dedicated 20 to 40 hours a week to the site and can no longer continue to give that sort of time to a hobby. Therefore I am stepping down.

As he stated in a follow-up post, Eldin is taking over management of the successor site. It will be called (another ‘inside’ joke which I won’t bother going into here). I have every confidence that the site will thrive under his direction.

The site is nowhere near broke as you reported in your comments. As a matter of fact, as is clearly stated on our site (if you hit the donations link you’ll find a page that clearly discloses how much money we’ve taken in and what we’ve spent it on so far), you will see that we have an excess of thousands right now. That is enough to pay our hosting fees for the next six months. Furthermore the new site has three requests to run advertising. Our advertising brings an average return of 1.1% clickthrough rate (the industry standard is .03%). For a site that only does 2-6 gb of traffic daily that isn’t too bad. As a matter of fact, sites that do much more traffic do not get those types of returns.

Now we come to the parody in question. The parody was based on a movie called “The Producers.” In that movie Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder’s characters cook up a plot to make a play production so bad that it loses money and closes and they get rich from the advance investments which cannot be repaid or something like that. Anyway the focal point of the bad play that they produce is a song called “Springtime for Hitler.” The whole movie is a spoof on Nazi Germany and stage production and financing. Its really quite a good movie. You might try renting it.

Furthermore the parody did not spoof AO alone although AO was, indeed, a target. The “fetus throwing howitzers” were a direct spoof on the now-defunct game Dawn. The producer of that game, Jeff Freidman, in an IRC chat told his ‘followers’ that they would be able to catapult fetuses in the game. No, I am not kidding.

The artwork we are making fun is actual artwork created by a man named Doug Winger. He makes furry hemaphrodite artwork. No I don’t know why but there must be a demand for it somewhere because the guy is quite famous. It is also quite popular among gamers and in any gaming forum you will usually come across a reference to Doug Winger art.

Anyway I hope you will post a retraction to your comments since most of them are blatantly false and show that you did absolutely no research whatsoever.



Managing Editor