Apple: Games Are Bad, Mmmkay?

An interesting opinion here that states, bluntly:

Apple has no real corporate interest in the gaming community and does not see computer games as a path to success or a better image for Apple.

Why, given the multi-billion dollar level of return on investment in gaming? Well… uh… they’re bad for you.

I want to close with a comment on why Apple’s culture is so mixed on the subject of games. I think it’s a recognition by Apple’s management that this is a fact of life for most of its younger employees. But amongst many more senior managers, including Steve himself, I suspect there is some lingering concern about the essence of the game market. Computer games, as we’ve come to know them, are mostly (not always) about aggressive behavior, conflict, battle, wars of power, domination, and sometimes, in the worst cases, some very unwelcome social behavior. To put it bluntly, death and destruction.

Apple’s public culture appears to celebrate, on the other hand, creation and life. When you have several hundred senior managers at Apple who are most likely married and typically have children, you’ll find a culture of affirmation, family, and life.

Yes, because only unmarried death worshippers play games.