ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL [Author: Snowspinner]

As it turns out, my previous source from Blood of the Spider was not quite correct about what’s been going on since the patch. Although the warders have been spawning, the word from Emil is that GM Vaylin, apparently the lead GM for the server, has been killing all four warders as soon as they spawn, even after the patch. In the 21 days since they woke the sleeper, that is 9 kills of the warders that have been nixed by the GMs, still with no comment from Verant.

To rub salt into the wound, the Sleeper’s script, which went off so fabulously, apparently continued going off after the patch, with Lord Nagafen spouting a bit in Sol B without any warders being killed.

I talked to Axxiss, a Guide on The Rathe about this, and got the response

[Sat Aug 18 16:07:55 2001] Axxiss tells you, ‘I have no idea on that. For official comments you would need to email’

I also e-mailed some high-ups at Verant asking for a comment on Saturday. I was assured a response, but this response has yet to materialize, so I went ahead and went to the presses with what I had. Needless to say, if anyone from Verant does get back to me, I’ll post another update with whatever information is given. Until then, lemme make a few statements based on what we have.

First of all, I admit, I’m not much of a fan of Primal Velium weapons, as I’ve said before. That said, it’s not unreasonable to consider them the best drops in the game. And it’s been made really clear that Sleeper’s Tomb is supposed to be an exciting goal that we all aspire to get to hunt in. So, frankly, arbitrarily cutting out some of the sources of primal velium on only one server does not seem like the… fairest way of handling things. I mean, this is the reward for finally legitimately completing the so-called hardest fight in Everquest? A broken script and a lobotomization of your server? I’ll stick to Temple of Veeshan, thank you.

And second of all, Verant’s silence on this is increasingly looking, to be blunt, really fucking shoddy. I mean, this is something that lots of us, including lower level players, have been looking forward to seeing. It’s been hailed as a big, fabulous event. And the screenshots of the Sleeper looked amazing, I’ll admit. But since then… zone crashes and bugs. Pardon me for feeling like the kid who ripped open the biggest Christmas present to find a huge box of He-Man underwear, but this isn’t exactly the climax I was hoping for. And Verant hasn’t said a word to even admit that things got fucked up, little yet to explain why they’re punishing the entire server for setting off the script before it was done… again.

Maybe this is just an expectations game, so we’ll be really pleased with Luclin?