Atari in response to NWN1 furor says “Hey! Look, over there!”

Atari’s response to FiringSquad about recent yanking of support for NWN1: Hey, uh, fans can still make modules and, uh, NWN2 is way cool!

As a comment to the story said:

When someone answers your question with the answers to a completely different question; you can be sure their answer is no.

Obsidian’s community rep, meanwhile, hinted broadly on their forums that Atari wasn’t at fault in the matter (which would leave Wizards of the Coast as the owner of the D&D license). Speculation on the Quarter to Three thread is that this is due to cash-strapped Atari’s ditching its publishing rights to D&D, which would not be amusing news in some quarters (and would also make publishing NWN2 um, somewhat difficult…)