Wombat of Wakoku (I just love that shard. The name rolls off the tongue. WaaaKOkoooo.) writes:

I macroed peacemaking on a rather uninhabited shard last nite (well everynite heeee) and I gained 1.1 in 18 hours. 12000 ms delay = 5 repeats a minute. 18 hours = 1080 minutes. Therefore I repeated peacemaking 5400 times for 1.1 gain. Mathematics my man, they cannot twist mathematics to their needs…

So, given that the average Ultima Online fanatic is online staring at their screen 4 hours a day, 5 days a week (which is generous for me and most other adults with lives they call their own), this means that on the shard with not only the coolest name but the least restrictive skill curve, it will take you somewhere around 45 weeks to make GM, assuming that you began a dedicated bard with an initial skill of 50. This also does not take into account the logarithmic progression of skill gain, or, in English, that it takes something short of forever to gain in skill once you break 90.

So if you want to be an honest bard and not one of those EvIl ExPLoITeRS, you best get cracking.

Since I strive every day to be more like my friend “Dr.” TwisTer, I think we should actually get the facts on how you will be totally reamed by no longer macroing. If you’ve got hard figures on what kind of skill gain you get from macroing, send it in and give us something else to be pissy and grouse about!

EVILMACROEXPLOITERUPDATE: Still macroing anatomy (aka looking at our leader’s butt over and over) when I left for work. Sonoma resets after I’m gone, though, so the non-macroing public will be safe from my crimes until tonight.