BETTER LATE THEN NEVER….. [Author: great bob]

Uovault, everyone’s favortie UO news site, if your definition of news involves nothing but posts about tavern openings, has broken the story that Todd Mcfarlane will be doing the art for UO2! Now I know that many of you might be thinking that you’ve known this for months and months now, but you’re wrong. This is news, damnit! It has to be, otherwise why would Uovault publish it?

I myself am planning some late breaking news that a man named “Adolf” is planning on invading Poland. My guess? It’ll be the hottest story of the century!

Of course, I myself am not immune to this kind of thing. Reading >Battle Vortex I discovered that Fear had allready posted the Greybeard story days ahead of me. My only justification is that I’m not Y2K compliant. I percieve the date as being Jan 8th 1900, and so in my mind I scooped them by nearly an entire century. Folks, if you send me stuff to my mailbox, please tell me you got it from somewhere else, k? I warn you, I still have the negatives, and you don’t want anyone finding out about the goat thing.

Then again, I was wrong when I said that “I’m sure Grey Beard himself can see the irony in this. Hell, he probally gets a chuckle out of the situation himself.” Obviously >not.