Big Money Make A Mighty Head

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now that IGE is out of the picture, Wowhead has decided to become a part of the ZAM Network.

and here.

That last link is bothering some folks… according to the author (the former director of web acquisitions for IGE), Affinity is still very closely connected to IGE under the table.

IGE has been ’supposedly’ sold off by Affinity Media. They used FUD when they purchased OGaming. They used FUD when they purchased Allakhazam. Just some more FUD – rest assured IGE/Affinity Media are still very connected.

Discussion ongoing at FOH and F13.

Why is this big news? For those unfamiliar with the World of Warcraft community (both of you) Wowhead is a quest/item database that was set up as a reaction to Thottbot (its direct analogue) being owned by IGE. Due to its being faster, and not owned by virtual mobsters, it rapidly became successful in its own right.

I wonder if this is going to break my copy of Lightheaded