Blizzard Production Schedule Leaked, World Unsurprised To Learn Of 12 More Expansion Packs For WoW

Every time you ask Blizzard community reps about this leak, God kills a murloc baby.

MMO Champion has what is probably the best analysis of this. Unsurprisingly, Activision Blizzard is in full license molestation mode.

Note no sign of the long rumored “new next-gen MMO property” Blizzard has been hiring for for a while now, unless it’s the “Titan” entry at the bottom – and a Q4 2013 release for a WoW-scale MMO is, to put it mildly, unlikely.

Other then that, no real surprises: Blizzard is preparing to turn into a digital DLC distribution portal and eventual Steam competitor (apparently the whole turning it into Facebook thing didn’t quite work out), Diablo 3 and the first Starcraft 2 expansion pack are both due out late next year, and World of Warcraft will have expansion packs slammed into it, starting in 2012, on a yearly basis.

Still, this chart is very handy for every other gaming company on the planet to schedule when NOT to plan their MMO releases.