Our friends at Landover Baptist Church (who want to save you, just as long as you know, you’re properly dressed) are bringing the good word to the people of Azeroth.

Billy has what gamers call, a Level 57 Undead Priest with Holy Focus. “I’m also in one of the largest Christian guilds on our server,” he says. “I think the reason so many people are open to hearing about Jesus in the World of Warcraft is because the majority of people who play the game are lonely kids who don’t have any friends. I doubt any of them play sports so you can pretty much guess that there are lots of gay boys and fat little pale-faced Wiccan girls on the servers who hate themselves and escape into virtual characters so they don’t have to deal with their pathetic lives. When they hear that someone loves them, even if it is just the Lord Jesus Christ, they always want to hear more!”

In even more humor news, Slashdot apparently thought this really happened. I eagerly await Terra Nova demanding equal rights for Shamanistic rituals right… about… now.