Apparently the Darktide people could not contain their happiness over the fact that Allen was leaving. I guess they felt that Allen is the only board nazi in the gaming community and now that he was leaving the kiddies felt free to spew hate and bile freely. Allen’s response? Shutting down the Darktide boards.

This is me truely being the asshole you make me out to be. Some of you need to learn that this is NOT your personal toilet. This is run by a group of people paying the hosting and bandwidth costs to provide you with a place to post. It exists at they’re discretion. Even if you aren’t learning that lesson, you’re learning that things can always get worse.

Way to go Allen! The kiddies response? How dare he shut down those boards!??! Who does he think he is? Some sort of board nazi? Allen’s reply? “Yes.” Kind of takes the wind right out of the sails doesn’t it?

The Darktide boards have since been reopened. True to form, those really polite and grateful people on the AC Darktide server responded with more drivel about free speech on a private message board. Go figure. Next they will be claiming they have a right to shoot anyone they please since the U.S. Constitution (Bill of Rights) guarantees the Right to Bear Arms.

I don’t really keep up with events in Asheron’s Call (something that Turbine should thank me for daily) so while I was perusing the boards I found this particular post by Tavish interesting. Yet
more bugs in AC? Destroying the perfect bugless world of PVP and Darktide? Say it ain’t so, Mr. Ed! Darktide players calling for ::shudder:: bannings??? What is this world coming to?

Why the heck should my gaming experience in AC have to devolve into “oh, I wonder what cheat their going to introduce into the game this month?” Why should I plunk down my $10 a month knowing that Turbine was YET AGAIN going to have to spend limited, scarce and precious Dev time reacting to yet ANOTHER cheat introduced by people with the morals and foresight of a gutter prostitute?

The comtinuing problem of cheats and hacks in AC is a direct result of the failure of Turbine to control the game environment. We’ve seen macro programs turn into exploitative bot hunting routines that ruined the experience for players in the immediate vicinity. We’ve seen sniffers dramatically increase the amount of information available to players, giving them a competitive advantage versus players who aren’t running sniffers.

Now we’re looking at “plugins” that allow players to run faster. Sporking PvP (yet again) and setting a precedent, if allowed to stand, that will destroy AC.

Because next month the plugin might well be one that tells the server that the arrow that was just fired is 57-60 insteads of 11-14. Or any number of other potential abuses.

MS/Turbine needs to take control of the environment and clearly state that the decision to allow 3rd party products to function and interact with the client was a MISTAKE. They need to make it a bannable/deletable CoC violation to run any 3rd party product that directly interacts with the AC client.

Why do they need to do this?

Because they do not have the staff to cope with a piece by piece evaluation of each plugin as it emerges. The fact that Jesse (Devilmouse) is now going to have to devote significant time to fixing the GEAR break is a CRIME against the AC community committed by whatever brainless, !@#$%^&*less moron came up with this piece of trash.

Turbine can solve this problem very simply. They can BAN anybody caught using GEAR. They can do it swiftly and very publicly and they can state that policy going forward is that “Use of 3rd party programs and plugins that interact directly with the AC client, or that attempt to send ANY data whatsoever in any form to the AC servers or the local AC client is a CoC violation. This violation is ALWAYS bannable first offense, first detection, no exceptions.”

If they do this they have a chance to save AC. If they don’t nobody will be playing this game in 6 months.

It should be noted that GEAR is the infamous speedhack bug where you overclock your CPU to go faster in the game. This is the same thing OSI just banned about 200 people for. I CAN’T BELIEVE TURBINE ISN’T BANNING PEOPLE FOR USING THIS WHEN EVERY OTHER GAME HAS!!!!

Of course, this isn’t really the reason Darktide is bad. Nosireebob it isn’t. It’s the carebear’s from the other servers that are the problem. God forbid the current problems on Darktide be attributed to cheaters, hackers, and bug exploiters who are actually encouraged to do same by Turbine. Of course, people can’t be expected to PVP without Godmode because that’s like tactics and stuff. If Turbine fixes Godmode then everyone will turn to the Gear bug because PVPing without Godmode is like boring and stuff. Kind of reminds you of precasting huh?