Boy Howdy

Three Rings’ Bang Howdy! is in open beta now – in fact you can just log in using your puzzle pirates login if you have one AND YOU SHOULD.

I’m on as “Lum the Mad” (a suitably Western name, neh?). Looks like a nifty tactical game, more up my alley than the puzzles of PP.

Also Three Rings’ Dread Pirate Cleaver, Daniel James, joins the rest of us with too many opinions. Thanks to Raph for finding it. It’s always easy to find Daniel at a trade show, he’s the pirate!

I really like Three Rings. In fact I was mulling over dorking around with some of their tools back in the days when I had too much time on my hands and was thinking about doing a homebrew game. It’s no accident that when Puzzle Pirates was in beta it had more MMO developers per capita playing the game than any other beta I’ve seen. Good to see that they’re running a profit without doing World of Warcraft v2.4.