BRAD MCQUAID: NO PK FOR YOU! [Author: Lum the Mad]

Brad “Aradune” McQuaid at Verant debunked the recent Luclin-PK rumor in our comments thread last night.

Short Answer: The rumor is false — Shadows of Luclin zones on non-PvP servers will be the same as any other zone as it relates to PvP.

Long Answer: It appears information about the next PvP server (which will have a new and different ruleset) got munged up with information we’ve released on the next expansion, EverQuest: The Shadows of Luclin.

Anyways, EverQuest will remain a primarily PvE game, with optional PvP provided primarily via special servers with rules variants. Also, with our focus on PvE and with EQ such an item-centric game, I doubt you’ll ever see territorial based PvP rules (we don’t really see it as fair that a player who wants to only play PvE would have to subject himself to PvP in order to obtain an item that might only be found in a PvP territory). That’s not to say we’re against the concept in general, but rather that it’s not compatible with EQ’s Vision(TM) specifically 🙂

So there you have it. It was still fun to think about, though. The expansion may have been on the moon, but if that went through you would have been able to hear the whining from space.