Bring Back Jolly Pirate Nicknames, Biyotch

Someone’s not happy with Mythic’s policy on developers posting under their real names.

There is a post there made by Mark Jacobs. Some of you may not know who he is. He’s the guy who used to own Mythic and with the buy-out he turned into a “VP” at EA. He said some things that really bothered me. First off he said

We will always speak directly to the community as ourselves (no aliases, no jolly pirate nicknames, etc.)

Now this has been part of UO culture since it was borne. We are talking… Lord British himself. Everyone who knows anything about UO knows this. But alas! They have taken our dev teams monikers out of the credits. I guess Mark Jacobs finds our dev teams “jolly pirate” nicknames unimportant. Well here’s one UO player who has played long enough to know it’s part of the game itself.

Most of you would think that if the developers posting as “Scott” instead of “Lum” was the worst problem you had with your MMO, you’re doing fairly well. But if you don’t think jolly pirate names are serious business, think again!

This is NOT about Kingdom Reborn. This is about Mythic kidnapping. Really I (and anyone else I talk to about this) feel that Mythic has kidnapped our game and I don’t know if we will be able to get it back. There is no ransom.

In other news, Stratics is still around, I’m not in the DAOC credits any more (under either my real name or my jolly pirate nickname), and UO’s web site has more jolly pirate names than you can shake an EA executive at.