Bucky Carooe Died For Your Sins!

Mindark, Project Entropia’s Ponzimasters, get all up in Dan Hunter’s face with legal threats and ravings (check the comments here for examples) after his critical look at Project Entropia’s PR. His response? Classic.

It\’e2\’80\’99s not because I care at all about the implicit threat here: that if somebody doesn\’e2\’80\’99t do something about me (in general) or this posting (in particular) then defamation suits will flow like the gentle rain from heaven. One of the great beauties of all those years learning law, practising law, and (now) teaching law is that I actually know what the law is; and perhaps more important, I don\’e2\’80\’99t have any fear of groundless and stupid implied threats that I might get sued.

I remind you that I am currently still in Korea, which is in fact, fourteen hours IN THE FUTURE. Here in the future with our lighter than air airships, crazy mobile phones and really good beef dishes, we think Project Entropia’s full of hooey, but we kind of miss the spokeswoman with the frightening silver wig that PE had. Whatever happened to her, anyway? She pretended to be in the future, but we in the future know better!

Tune in tomorrow when I report on my attempts to navigate Korea’s subway system. Or to quote a conversation I had with someone from the home office here:

Me: I plan to go shopping in Dongdaemun market tomorrow.

He: You have my cell phone number in case you get lost?

Me: Yes. I’ll call and tell you “Help! I’m lost!” And you can commiserate. “Yes, it’s very unfortunate! Seoul is a very large city!”

He: Yes.(everyone laughs)