Paul Barnett on EA Mythic’s employee policies and procedures:

[We] haven’t got time for people who have no morale or don’t think we’re going to succeed, and mess around in palace intrigue. Heretics must be burned publicly. It doesn’t matter how talented they are. If they’re a heretic, they go, because cancer spreads.

Believers are wonderful people. I hire less talented believers over talented heretics every time. Three-star ability with five-star drive is how you want it. The other way around leads you to hell.

Well, I suppose organizing ritual sacrifices for the encouragement of company morale is one way to deal with employee attrition. I probably would go with something other than medieval religious metaphor when dealing with corporate quality of life issues, personally. Also, I wouldn’t actually strive to hire team members who have more enthusiasm than actual ability.

I guess that’s why I’m a heretic! (who totally spec’d in rejuve)