Sage Thunderlips, God’s gift to tamers, thieves and twinks, sends in this update:

You know its a sad day when my bug using sarcastic ass has a fan.

From kTalk: Thunderlips: how come you are not one of the Lummites? I value your opinion (and attitude) more highly than most of these

Actually I really have no urge to post on your site after those other poor sods got lynched. Plus I actually play the game as Thunderlips so they can literally lynch me, heh.

Anyhow, onto something shitty that happened to me in the wonderful world of UO. I found a spot in T2A where I could make a 95 Tamer is about 5 days. Quite pleased with myself, my modest nature demanded that I bragged about it on the UTB Tamer board (they just love me there!). I posted and Firedog basicly said, this is a no-no adn it will be fixed. I swear to god, not 3 seconds after he posted that, a Silver Serpent and 4 other lackies spawned on me. Not next to me, on me giving me a big’ol love hug (pic). Ever notice how the war mode mouse cursor looks like its flipping you off?

Good to see the GMs on the job enhancing everyone’s playing experience.