But What Does This Have To Do With Shadowbane?

Todd Coleman’s new project at King’s Isle decloaks: A don’t mention H***y P****r tween-friendly title called Wizard 101.

Which is a key to Wizard 101: It’s pitched as the game for players between Club Penguin and World of Warcraft.

This may be the first hardcore MMOG aimed at the “tween” demographic. Coleman admits, “It’s not what people expect from the Shadowbane team,” but adds that the game does feature PVP, a trademark of the pioneering work the same team did at Wolfpack Studios.

(Edit: story’s gone from Warcry. My guess is, given the lack of coverage elsewhere, someone jumped the gun on posting the announcement! I’m leaving this note up because, well, um, being a competitor and all no one sends me anything.)