BUUUUSTED! [Author: Lum the Mad]

From the Brave New Gameplay forum of EQ (now 99.4% whiner free!) comes this:

There is an article of a supposed interview with Abashi here:


Although I don’t believe it there are some people who do, discussing it on the newbie zone in the thread:


So as not to confuse people and to avoid the “you promised us X!!” comments later, a public denial or acceptance of this interview might be appropriate.

– Mahkahl

That was most certainly an interview with Gordon Wrinn. I can’t tell you if all the words are exact, but most of the information seems correct.

We hope to be posting a complete list of ‘rules’ for the server at the same time we discover the opening date for the server. But feel free to speculate on the information in that interview.


You think that was strange? If you go to the thread, you find out that not only do some EQ players apparently think I am so creative I can completely make up hour-long interviews, they don’t believe Absor when he says the interview actually happened.

I read that, my jaw droped and I’m still in denial. It is a long interview I think they looked at the first part, maybe the bottom part said yeah that looks right and agreed to it.

Like I said, I’m in denial.

And from another:

I posted a comment to the Dev. Board asking Absor what Verant’s official position is on LumtheMad’s website, as I thought at one time they despised it, but maybe times change.

I also asked Absor if this was an indication that they supported LumtheMad’s site and approved of his articles and ranting done on his site. I must admit the site has been cleaned up quite a bit since a few months ago, but I remember some pretty vulgar stuff on that site.

Dear god. You mean Verant approves of this site now? To quote Pyro Raven from #lummies,

That’s it. You need more vulgar stuff, Lum.

I tend to agree. So here’s an interview with John Smedley. BEAT THAT, VAKS!