Camelot, er Warhammer Herald, er, Vault, er, LOOK IT IS A WEBSITE AND YOU GET NEW CLASSES AND STUFF

Big news in Warhammer land!

…as for the new careers, what can I say but they are both very, very cool.  Players have asked us for a year whether we would put the Choppa back in and many have asked (especially here on the Vault) that we please add the Slayer.

Mark Jacobs, not here on the Vault.

But hey, that’s not all. Darkness Falls is back! (Which is cool, I loved Legion and he loved me, especially in a stompy sort of way.)

I think it is very safe to say that DAoC’s Darkness Falls was one of the most successful addons to the game.  Over the last few months we’ve gotten a ton of feedback and requests (once again, here on the Vault) asking us to create a next-generation DF, and we are in the process of doing just that.

Mark Jacobs, still not on the Vault.

So congrats to Mythic, er, EA, er Mythic. LOOK NAMES ARE HARD.