As I mentioned on the message board, I decided to try and hit Electronics Boutique today during lunch (they of the elite 0-day distros) and pick up my own copy of Scary Velious.

When I got there, there were about 9 guys, all adults in their twenties and thirties, hanging out by the counter waiting on the clerk. I looked on the shelf, saw no copies of Velious, and figured I’d wait for the clerk too, to see if their UPS shipment from their elite 0-day distro had run yet.

The guys next to me said something to the effect of “yeah, I play on Veeshan…” and my blood ran cold, mah memory haaaad just been sold…

I looked up, fearfully, laughing nervously. “PLEASE don’t tell me you all are here for Everquest…”

All nine guys nodded eagerly.

The clerk, harried, came back, and without even asking why I was there, pointed and asked if I had a reserved copy. He didn’t ask what I had a reserved copy of, mind you.

I shook my head. No, I hadn’t placed a reservation for an expansion CD to an Internet-only game that was over a year old.

“OK, well, I’m calling my supervisor, and we’re going to try to get some more copies today, but…”

I told the guy it was OK, I really could live without Scars of Velious today. HONEST.

I then ran. Quickly. Some things you just don’t want to experience outside of your email client.