Insert disk, begin installation. 1%…2%….crash.

Reboot, rinse and repeat. 3%…crash. Over and over and over and over.

Now in all fairness, my computer was in bad shape and this was not Funcom’s fault. It has been needing a format for weeks and I’ve been too lazy to do it. What a great time to install a new hard drive with
a nice, fresh OS install. So instead of playing anything I sat on the floor mucking with wires and jumpers, flashing the BIOS (first time in years I’ve been afraid to do something to the computer),
reconfiguring the CMOS and loading the OS. At one point I had wires connected between two computers and two kittens trying to jump into the open cases. In the end the kittens did not get electrocuted and
everything was running smoooooooooth. I even took a little notebook to write down each hardware/software item that was installed or deleted. Anal retentiveness at its finest! Now to install Anarchy Online so I can play..

..Or so I thought.

Insert disk…zip zip zippy! Ya baby! Gotta love a clean computer! Oooh look! A patch screen.

Start patching..zip zip zip..crash.

Great. Reboot, patch again, except I’m being told that Anarchy Online needs to be reinstalled due to a corrupted database. FINE.

Uninstall, remove extra lingering files. Insert disk, begin installation…24%…85%..crash.

At this point I decided to defragment the clean hard drive and go to bed while the system tools do their magic.

Next morning. Insert disk, begin installation…24%..36%..crash. Repeat several times. Dammit. Finally get it to the patch screen only to have it crash again. Reboot, rinse, repeat.

FINE, this is war now. I WILL beat the computer.

Reboot, insert disk, load game…100%. Yay! Reboot, go through first patch successfully. REBOOT AGAIN. Finish the second patch. REBOOT! A perfect install. Only thing left to do is load the game and make a character..

..Or so I thought.