CAVEAT VENDOR [Author: Lum the Mad]

As the original post says,

I bought an account off of e-bay 4 mos. ago from an honest established Uo dealer. I bought the account off of this person for several reasons one of which was that it had a GM fisherman on it. When i went into the other shards to get my christmas deeds from the other characters to do some cross shard trading I noticed that on a few shards there were characters with clothing bless deeds on them. I wrote him and told him about it after i noticed it. He believes i owe those clothing bless deeds to him, now 4 mos. after i have owned this account and cloth deeds are worth alot more now, since he says it was not his intention to keep those deeds on the account.

I would humbly ask for peoples honest opinions on this as I just dont want to screw myself over, but also dont want to screw this person over either. So who owns these deeds me or the guy who previously owned the account?!?!? Thanks for your opinions in advance……. Gallahad

P.S. The bless deeds were left on the account acidentally and were not mentioned as part of the transaction. Is it the right thing to do to give the deeds back?

Well, some of the responses were well thought out, sympathetic both to the current owner of the account (“you bought the account, which included everything on it, including bless deeds”), others to the former owner (“the clothing bless deeds weren’t part of the initial transaction, giving them back is the right thing to do”). And then you have what I like to call the Zippy position. You know, if you ask Zippy the Pinhead whether you should go out for a social outing with a married woman or play it safe and not risk adultery, he’ll tell you to fill your socks with mustard and throw them out the window. Kind of like these guys.

those E-Bay ppl piss me off. they deny in-game player transactions only to grease their palms on E-Bay…

I say this: SCREW HIM… no pity. stop answering him, dont speak to him. ect

Haha… yeah, he’s going to call Johnny Cochran on sue the buyer. Hahahaha.

Seller did not even know he was missing those items until the seller mentioned it to him 4 months later. Obviously they were not important to him… until they became valuable. What a joke. Keep the stupid deeds.

keep em! The person will probably just sell them on ebay anyway and continue to destroy the ingame economy of UO

Meanwhile, the Shrines of Honesty, Honor and Justice continue to grow seventeen varieties of moss and lichen. We counted.