Hope you didn’t get your hopes up on the “new PvP changes” supposedly coming out of the Fan Faire, because Gordon “Abashi” Wrinn just posted a long message that basically said “No, we’re not gonna do that”.

That has always been one of the difficulties of having a real-time interactive discussion where one doesn\’e2\’80\’99t have the time to think about the precise wording of their answers. However, what we gain through the interactive forum makes it worth the effort, even when things appear to come out wrong like they did in the PvP panel this weekend.

For the most part, regarding the information that has since shown up on web sites, it appears that when it was mentioned that we \’e2\’80\’9cdiscussed\’e2\’80\’9d an issue, it was interpreted as \’e2\’80\’9cwe are doing this\’e2\’80\’9d. The fact is, we discuss a TON of things when we\’e2\’80\’99re driven to improve one area of the game. If you name it, we\’e2\’80\’99ve probably discussed it at one time or another. That doesn\’e2\’80\’99t necessarily mean that what we discussed has either been decided or shot down, just that we\’e2\’80\’99ve given it some measure of consideration in the past.

Check the message for the complete scoop — basically nothing really dramatic is actually happening on the other PvP servers. For now anyway.