Cleanse. Vote. KILL!

This is quite possibly the finest political post ever made on any blog.

Various Chaos Gods hate each other. Khorne, the Lord of Skulls doesn’t get along with Slaanesh, the androgynous Prince of Excess, for pretty obvious reasons. Khorne hates Slaanesh’s decadence, while Slaanesh doesn’t like Khorne for being the living embodiment of all the hate, rage, war, violence, and killing in the known universe. Nurgle won’t support anyone who is deemed to be “weak” on illegal immigration, while Tzeentch pretty much hates everyone who doesn’t completely oppose abortion.

Don’t forget part 2, which explains in one simple punch list exactly what happened in the Republican nominating process:

  • One player had the strongest econ. But everyone ganged up on him and he was obviously incompetent in nearly every other aspect of the game.
  • One player turtled up big time in one large area in the Southeast corner of the map, hoping that a major victory there would propel him to a win. He got steamrolled.