CODA [Author: Lum the Mad]

You see, in the past month or so my real life job (you know, the one I do for a living) has taken a nose-dive from “Dilbert” straight into “Office Space”. People who hang out in #lummies and hear my occasional profanity-laden diatribe have probably already figured out that I’m looking for a new job.

Well, I am. And for a few weeks now I’ve been in contact with a few of the gaming companies that we cover, trying to find out what my options are.

While no firm offer has been made by anyone at this point, I don’t feel that ethically, I can continue to seek employment from the same people that we cover. In short, I have to choose what I want to do when I grow up.

This site has always been a hobby – a labor of love, and no one who “works” here has any pretention of it ever becoming a career. Recent events in the exciting world of gaming networks certainly prove this, if nothing else. Since I’m going to get another job anyway, it might as well be something besides making spam go faster.

Yet I’ve also tried, believe it or not, to hold to a basic ethical standard of conduct in what we write. I don’t feel comfortable deciding what stories to follow up on at the same time as I seek employment from the same people.

So it’s time to step back and let other voices be heard. I hope you allow them to challenge, infuriate, and occasionally amuse you in the same manner as you did I.

It’s been a blast.