Roebin Soultaker, KEG’s favorite warrior, sent this in to me. While it doesn’t actually refer to KEG as he alluded (and in fact, as several KEGgers pointed out, most of what drops on the dragons and planes is no-drop anyway. Oh, and Roebin also sent in several screenshots of a KEG member telling him they accepted master card or visa for efreeti boots. Roebin is somewhat unfamiliar with what you or I call sarcasm, and thinks that I haven’t posted it because I want to join KEG. I am not making this up.) it does show that SOMEONE is making a good living at this stuff.

If Verant has any moral compass whatsoever, they will abandon all pretense of a player-based economy at higher levels and simply make all unique magic items nodrop. Anything else is simply surrendering to the kind of corruption described in the folio below.

The following was sent, apparently by accident, to someone who doesn’t even play on that server (a pretty new one, The Tribunal)

Hello Everquest Fanatic,

Thank you for your enquiry for Items and Platinum on The Tribunal server.

Today’s update to the item list adds another couple of nice items, most notably a Mithril 2Hand Sword, the ultimate 2Hand weapon. I expect these to sell by tomorrow night (I have 2 available, and I know they will 🙂

Other nice additions:

Brown Chittin Protector
Djarn’s Amethyst Ring
Wolf Fur Slippers

I could not believe the demand for the Executioner’s axes and although I dont have one on the list, I expect to have one for sale sometime over the next few days. Let me know if you are interested. I also have a Flowing Black Silk Sash (haste sash) and I am looking for around $600 for this. Call if interested.

As usual, a couple of things to note:

1. First in best dressed. The item list is quite extensive but quantities are most definitely limited.

2. We do not item hunt. What is on the list is what we have for sale. We will be adding items to the list and sending out the update on a regular basis. We are not taken special requests at this time (although if you tell me you want to pay $1500 for a nice Shiny Metallic Robe we will reconsider =).

3. $150 minimum order. That is the minimum amount we will service and that can constitute items and/or platinum pieces.

Our current rate for platinum is:

1000pp for $140 USD OR $14 for 100pp

For example, you might want a Crasted Breastplate ($125) and some platinum. We would then supply you with the BP and around 200pp for $150 minimum amount. Our stock of platinum was very low but luckily enough for you, we have replenished it again.

For larger orders, we will offer a nice quantity discount, call for more information.

If you wish to purchase items and/or platinum, there are 3 ways:

1. Phone

You can call me direct at (503) 524-6666 anytime from 4:00pm through 12:00 Midnight Pacific Time. We can take care of the transaction while you are on the phone.

2. Email

Simply email me the following information and I will send you a tell online as soon as I have the transaction processed:

Your real name
Credit Card number
Credit Card expiration date
Character name
The approximate location of your character (eg. Freeport, etc)
Items/Number of platinum pieces you require

3. Western Union

I also accept Western Union. You can send the money to:

Paul Sinclair
Tigard, OR, 97223

Please call me before and confirm the items/platinum you wish to purchase. I will hold the items for 24 hours. Once you have the control number, either call or email me and once I confirm the money is there, I will contact you in game and we can do the transfer immediately.

Some people could not open the attached excel spreadsheet last update so I am sending out this weeks update in 3 forms, Excel 2000, Excel 95 and a plain text version.

If you have any questions, please send me a message. I really want to stress that privacy is an important factor to me and I will ensure any transaction we make is strictly confidential.

Best wishes,


PS: I run a small Internet consulting business and I operate various websites. Your credit card statement will show a charge made payable to “Elite Internet Consulting”.

Item\tab Price\tab Stats\tab URL

Adamantite Epolets\tab $40 \tab “Ac 9, Wis +7″\tab
Ashenwood Short Spear\tab $25 \tab “Piercing, Dam 6, Del 22, Haste Effect 10 Charges”\tab
Azure Sleeves\tab $80 \tab Ac 12 Weight 0.6\tab
Barbed Leather Whip\tab $15 \tab “Dam 7, Del 28″\tab
Batfang Headband\tab $20 \tab “Ac 2, Wis +3, Int +3″\tab
Black Chittin Leggings\tab $50 \tab “Ac 7, HP’s +10, Mana +10 All/All (Nice caster equip)”\tab
Black Tome with Silver Runes\tab $50 \tab “Int +4, Mana +30″\tab
Bloodstained Mantle\tab $15 \tab “Ac 6, Str +3, Sv Magic +10″\tab
Bloodstained Tunic\tab $50 \tab “Ac 13, Wis +4, Agi +4″\tab
Bone Armplates\tab $30 \tab “Ac 5, Str +5, Dex -4″\tab
Bone Legplates\tab $30 \tab “Ac 6, Sta +5, Agi -4″\tab
Bracer of Battle\tab $10 \tab “Ac 3, Dex +3, Str +1″\tab
Bracer of Woven Grass\tab $15 \tab “Ac 1, Int +3, HP +12″\tab
Brown Chittin Protector\tab $300 \tab “Ac 12, Sta +9, Agi +9, Dex +9 Druid only (Awesome Druid item)”\tab
Bull Smasher\tab $10 \tab “1H Blunt, Dam 6, Del 20, Str +2, Dex +2, Agi +2″\tab
Cape of Midnight Mist\tab $20 \tab “Ac 2, Str +5, Sv Magic 7 (Neck Item)”\tab
Carved Ivory Mask\tab $20 \tab “Ac 2, A
+4, Hp +10″\tab
Charred Boots\tab $25 \tab “Ac 6, Agi +3, Fire Res +5, Poison Res +5″\tab
Charred Guardian Shield\tab $150 \tab “Ac 10, Wis +9 (Best wisdom shield in game)”\tab
Chestplate of the Dark Flame\tab $300 \tab “Ac 19, Str +9 (Awesome Unique item on server)”\tab
Chipped Bone Collar\tab $10 \tab “Ac 4, Hp +10, Mana +10″\tab
Chitten Shell Shield\tab $10 \tab “Ac 15, Sv Poison +10″\tab
Cloak of the Ice Bear\tab $15 \tab “Ac 8, Hp +10, Sv Cold +20″\tab
Crafted Breastplate\tab $125 \tab “Ac 22, Sta +5, Hp +25″\tab
Crafted Gauntlets\tab $25 \tab “Ac 12, Str +5″\tab
Crested MM Shield\tab $30 \tab “Ac 10, Dex +6, Sv Poison +10, Sv Magic +10, Sv Disease +10″\tab
Crested Spaulders\tab $25 \tab “Ac 11, Sta +6″\tab
Crude Stein\tab $60 \tab “Sta +10, Chr +15, Effect: Minor Healing”\tab
Damask Robe\tab $10 \tab Ac 6\tab
Dark Mail Gauntlets\tab $125 \tab “Ac 10, Dex +5, Mana +50 (Awesome Paladin Gloves)”\tab
Dark Reaver\tab $175 \tab “2H Slash, Dam 20, Del 42, Effect: Steal Strength (SK only)”\tab
Djarn’s Amethyst Ring\tab $400 \tab Agi +9 Hp’s +80 All/All (Awesome Unique item on server)\tab
Drakehide Leggings\tab $50 \tab “Ac 5, Dex +5, Chr +5 (Enchanter, monk specialty item)”\tab
Drakehide Sleevs\tab $15 \tab “Ac 4, Sta +3, Hp +10″\tab
Dwarven Ringmail Tunic\tab $10 \tab “Ac 12, Sv Heat, Cold, Magic +8″\tab
Elf-hide Gloves\tab $20 \tab “Ac 4, Dex +5, Agi +5″\tab
Enamelled Black Mace\tab $50 \tab “1H Blunt, Dam 8, Del 28 (Best Cleric 1HB weapon)”\tab
Executioner’s Axe\tab $250 \tab “2H Slash, Dam 25, Del 50, Effect: Haste”\tab
Executioner’s Hood\tab $50 \tab “Ac 5, Str +4, Dex +9″\tab
Festering Cloak\tab $10 \tab “Ac 5, Mana +10, Hp’s +10, Necro only”\tab
Flowing Black Robe\tab $60 \tab “Ac 8, Sta +5, Int +3″\tab
Foremans Tunic\tab $75 \tab “Ac 10, Str +3, Wis +3, Weight 0″\tab
Gatorscale Sleeves\tab $100 \tab “Ac 6, Int +4, Hp +15″\tab
Giant Snakespine Belt\tab $20 \tab “Ac 4, Agi +5, Sv Poison +5″\tab
Gigantic Zweihander\tab $150 \tab “2H Slash, Dam 18, Del 39 (Melee favorite)”\tab
Glowing Black Stone\tab $250 \tab “Int +9, Sv Magic +10 (All casters need one)”\tab
Glowing Stone Band\tab $15 \tab “Ac 2, Effect: Serpent sight”\tab
Glowing Torch\tab $10 \tab “Ac 7, Chr +5 Lightsource”\tab
Glowing Wooden Crook\tab $15 \tab “2H Blunt, Dam 11, Del 35″\tab
Green Silk Drape\tab $50 \tab “Ac 8, Dex +9, Sta +9, Int +3, Sv Poison +15″\tab
Hollowed Bone Bracer\tab $25 \tab “Ac 6, Mana +15, Sv Magic +7″\tab
Jagged Bands\tab $20 \tab “Ac 5, Str +3″\tab
Kobold-Hide Boots\tab $30 \tab “Ac 5, Agi +3, Hp +10″\tab
Leering Mask\tab $20 \tab “Ac 3, Dex +3″\tab
Lizardscale Mantle\tab $50 \tab “Ac 5, Wis +3, Int +3″\tab
Lockjaw Vest\tab $10 \tab “Ac 12, Sta +5″\tab
Lute of the Gypsy Princess\tab $100 \tab Bard: Increases Healing song by 50% (Unique ite

m on server)\tab
Mammoth Legs\tab $20 \tab “Ac 6, Sta +3, Sv Cold +5″\tab
Mistmoore Battle Drums\tab $100 \tab Bard: increases Selo’s (speed song) by 20% (Awesome item)\tab
Mithril Breastplate\tab $200 \tab “Ac 17, Agi +15, Hp +30″\tab
Mithril Quil\tab $10 \tab “Piercing, Dam 4, Del 19, Hp +20″\tab
Mithril Two-Handed Sword\tab $500 \tab “Dam 21, Delay 40 Permenant Haste Effect (The best 2h slasher)”\tab
Mithril-Runed Tunic\tab $350 \tab “Ac 10, Sta +3, Wis +5 (Awesome Druid Tunic)”\tab
Moonstone Ring\tab $25 \tab “Str +3, Mana +30″\tab
Nightshade Wreath\tab $200 \tab “Ac 1, Int +5, Wis +5 (Best wisdom head item around)”\tab
Obsidian Bead Hoop\tab $30 \tab “Ac 2, Int +3, Agi +3″\tab
Obsidian Scimitar\tab $100 \tab “1H Slash, Dam 7, Del 27, Agi +6″\tab
Oppalline Earrings\tab $10 \tab “Ac 2, Chr +5″\tab
Oracle Robe\tab $105 \tab “Ac 9, Int +5, Wis +5, Mana +25″\tab
Petrified Erudin Heart\tab $100 \tab “AC 2, Int +5, Mana +15″\tab
Platinum Armband\tab $50 \tab “Str +3, Wis +3″\tab
Platinum Dragon Totem\tab $100 \tab “Hp +30, Mana +50″\tab
Polished Bone Bracelet\tab $25 \tab “Ac 2, Wis +3, Int +3″\tab
Polished Granite Tomahawk\tab $30 \tab “1H Slash, Dam 6, Del 26, Effect: Berserker Strenght”\tab
Pugius (Dagger)\tab $30 \tab “Piercing, Dam 5, Del 21″\tab
Ring of the Goblin Lord\tab $30 \tab “Ac 4, Str +3, Int +3″\tab
Robe of the Keeper\tab $10 \tab “Ac 8, Int +2″\tab
Rubicite Bracer\tab $100 \tab Ac 9\tab
Runed Cowl\tab $500 \tab “Ac 2, Wis +5, Int +9 (Awesome Item)”\tab
Savants Cap\tab $10 \tab “Ac 2, Int +3, Wis +3″\tab
Serpentine Bracer \tab $100 \tab “Ac 1, Dex +3, Agi +9″\tab
Sheer Bone Mask\tab $30 \tab “Ac 3, Int +3 All”\tab
Shield of the Slain Unicorn\tab $30 \tab “Ac 9, Dam 10, Del 40, Piercing”\tab
Silver-plated Bracer\tab $30 \tab “Ac 7, Sv Disease and Poison +5″\tab
Silversilk Leggings\tab $20 \tab “Ac 4, Agi +4, Hp +12 (nice item)”\tab
Skull of Jhen Tra\tab $10 \tab “Mana +20, Sv Magic +3″\tab
Staff of Writhing\tab $100 \tab “1H Blunt, Dam 9, Del 33, Chr -9, Effect: Chaotic Feedback”\tab
Stein of Moggok\tab $30 \tab “Dex +5, Int +10, Hp +10, Sv Disease +25, Effect: Light Healing”\tab
Stiletto of the Blood Claw\tab $25 \tab “Piercing, Dam 6, Del 23, Effect: Blood Claw”\tab
Symbol of Loyalty to Vox\tab $50 \tab “Ac 7, Sv Cold +7″\tab
Thick Leather Apron\tab $10 \tab Ac 8\tab
Turquoius Eyepatch\tab $10 \tab “Ac 2, Sta +2, Chr +2, Int +2″\tab
Turtleshell Helm\tab $15 \tab “Ac 5, Str +3″\tab
Wolf Fur Slippers\tab $100 \tab “Ac 2, Agi +7, Mana +20 All/All (Casters and Monks Dream)”\tab

Electrum Sapphire Earring\tab $20 \tab “Str +4, Int +2”
Electrum Star Ruby Ring\tab $15 \tab “Dex +5, Chr +7”
Gold Jasper Earring\tab $5 \tab Wis +3
Gold Amber Earring\tab $5 \tab Str +3
Gold Jaded Bracer\tab $5 \tab “Ac 2, Mana +15, Hp’s + 15”
Gold Opal Necklace\tab $10 \tab “Sta +9, Agi +6”
Gold Black Pearl Choker\tab $60 \tab “Dex +7, Agi +7”
Golden Ruby Ring\tab $30 \tab “Str +2, Wis +4”
Golden Sapphire Earring\tab $25 \tab Str +2 Int +4
Gold Star Ruby Ring\tab $20 \tab “Dex +7, Chr +5”
Gold Fire Emerald Bracer\tab $18 \tab “Str +5, Dex +3”
Platinum Jasper Ring\tab $30 \tab Wis +6

inum Carnelian Ring\tab $30 \tab Agi +7
Platinum Star Rose Ring\tab $30 \tab Int +4
Platinum Jade Ring\tab $40 \tab “Ac 4, Mana +20, Hp’s +20”
Platinum Opal Ring\tab $45 \tab “Sta +7, Agi +5”
Platinum Black Pearl Ring\tab $120 \tab “Dex +6, Agi +6”
Platinum Ruby Veil\tab $130 \tab “Str +7, Wis +7”
Platinum Sapphire Necklace\tab $130 \tab “Str +7, Int +7”
Plat Star Ruby Veil\tab $80 \tab “Dex +9, Chr +9”
Plat Fire Emerald Ring\tab $90 \tab Str +5 Dex +5