I’d like to clear up a few things before any rumors start regarding Gordon Walton and UO2. When Gordon joined OSI back in March of 1999, he came on board as the VP of Online Services. Although he has spent a lot of time being directly involved with the UO community, it is important to know that Gordon is, and always has been, involved in UO2 as well. After Jeff Anderson left for another opportunity, it seemed appropriate for Gordon to shift more of his focus to UO2. However, the core group of leadership remains in place and the team is as excited as ever about the product. As part of his role as VP of Online Services, Gordon started shifting his focus towards UO2 months ago actually as we started building the UO2 Live team.

Does this shift of focus mean UO2 is in trouble? No, not at all. It’s mostly about the fact that UO2 is a very important product for OSI and as it moves forward, it is important for our executives to give it more attention. In fact, even I have been focusing more time on UO2, while Leilo and Melantus take more of the reigns on UO.

And before you finish chewing on that, Rich Lawrence has left Digital Anvil to work at OSI as Technical Director, whatever that is. Guy with the clipboard is how he explained it to me. I’m still trying to figure out how one gets technical with a clipboard but I guess he knows and that’s why they pay him the big bucks.