While I have made a strict pledge to YOU the HOME AUDIENCE (capitalized emphasis specifically for Jinx’s benefit) not to sully our new, pristine, kinder, gentler, and Mahir-centric page with the rantings of YOU the HOME AUDIENCE, we make exceptions for pretty much anyone with an mailing address. In that totally craven spirit, here’s a comment from LadyMOI on the previous update:

So.. I was reading your front page and noticed a comment about tOAD posting (an actual dev team member). While I haven’t been totally explicit about it yet, one of our plans with the comments section of the site, is to not make it Comments from the Dev Team.. but rather, Comments from the Team.

In my opinion, the different areas of the service that run UO are all as valuable as the development of the source and design. How the product is QA’d, how the product is supported, how the OCR team works, how the web team works.. all of this is important. The comments section is about to get a major reworking, where you will not only hear from designers, programmers, and the producer of the team, but you will also get regular updates from the Volunteer relations team, Support, OCR, web, and more. The idea is that people don’t really understand who is doing what here, and by making it more obvious, you guys all have a better understanding of the scope of this service.

Anyway.. I just wanted to give you a heads up on this section of the site. Soon to be known as: Comments from the Team. heehee.

I understand. Do you understand? We all understand now. Wheeeeee! I look forward to updates from GM’s on how to say “Sorry, I cannot help thee with that” in Japanese.