Conan Laughs At Your Puny Metaphors

Craig Morrison, Age of Conan producer, was asked in an interview if a banana was actually a pear. Surprisingly, it is not!

There are comparisons between this most recent update and the Star Wars Galaxies NGE where the game was radically changed after launch. For them, it was disastrous, how is the case different with AoC?

Craig Morrison:

I almost have to laugh that one off as I think it’s quite off base. Having played through that myself (as an SWG subscriber at that time) our current game update is (if you will pardon the unintentional pun) ‘light years’ away from what was done with the NGE in Star Wars Galaxies. That update completely and fundamentally tried to redesign the entire game-system for that title, and that is nothing like what is being attempted with the current update. The NGE was indeed a radical departure, this on the other hand does not really contain any radical changes to how the game is structured. The same classes are all still present and correct, their feat trees are just updated rather than being removed or replaced, so this update doesn’t have any real similarities with the NGE at all. For real SWG followers and fans it maybe, just maybe, has some similarities to the CU, in that what are doing is adjusting and improving the existing system rather than adding a totally different one, but even then I would say that they are fairly loose similarities.

I tried out AoC with the new game changes and they seem fairly spiffy. My necromancer is uber now, who knew! (It also helps that unlike a year ago, I actually have a PC that can run the game.) However, bringing a game back from undeath is always an iffy proposition.

(Hat tip: The Examiner)