I just would like to state a quick thing. This is that from now on, and in the future, as time goes on, from this point forward, if you would like something posted and I find interest in it to the point that I think it would benefit the community to be posted, and thus would then post it, if it were interesting, and thus posted, then please follow this SIMPLE set of guidelines 🙂 For many of you, this is just a recurring thing that you already know, because it’s something you already know, being recurring and all. And stuff..

1) Please no goddamn profanity from now on (in things you want posted). Feel free to discuss a stupidass topic with me via email and use any goddamn language you want. It doesnt bother me, this is to benefit the other retards reading. There are some young people, and basically some shitheads just dont like profanity. The most important thing, it gives the fucking site some class. I mean, shit, people.

2) Please don’t spel like a 2nd grader. I know U can try, but a quick ritten email that cant spel every other word rite will be immidietly discarded.

3) This isnt really a guideline but I want to tell you that I never post emails, names, or any sources. I’m a REAL JOURNALIST. Just like my main man, Dr. TwisTer. So dont feel bad about telling me youre a counselor or something like please dont display my name. I never do that =) Im protecting you the way you should be protected =) Unless of course you are someone famous, in which case I will give you mad props whether you like it or not, because that’s just the dude I am. I gotta be me. It’s a recurring thing. That you already know, being recurring and all. And stuff.

Thanks you all and keep the great emails coming =)


(note, check here if you’re confused)