Submitted for your inspection, exactly as recieved:

About a year and a half ago on LS there was a group of pks called the digital funk machine [DFM] or something like that and they were these total bad mofos. Well when ever they would fight they would tear everyone up, but what was weird was that whenever there weapons and armor was idd it was all either vanq weps and invulnerability armor. So every once in a while these guys would be killed. But the next night they’d be back at it with the same characters and it seemed with no stat loss or skill loss. So in 24 hours they would macro back up all stats and skills from a 20% hit. Now I say its impossible then and impossible now. Well I had a bit of a rivalry with one of the pks named Notorious NPC. He hated me basically because I was the GM of the largest pvp guild on the shard. And we were total kewl dewds at the time. So I killed him once just with magic and it ticked him off totally, but what was worst was when a guildmember used a one hit weapon on him. He went nuts and started attacking me personally for letting it happen on most of the LS msg boards. I told him id look into it but he was never satisfied. So I eventually learned that Notorious was supposedly Ironwill. This was never confirmed but about a month later a friend of mine was banned when he killed Notorious NPC while he was hidden. My friend was using UOE. The next series of events confirmed most ppls beliefs that notorious was Ironwill. After notorious was killed ironwill came on immediately. This was around 3am CST and was back in the days when it was unlikely for GMS to be up so later, in fact no one had heard of a GM being up that late at this time. Ironwill brought my friend to the Jail and perma banned him immediately and supposedly, and I mean supposedly, said something about getting what he deserved. After this incident the DFM crew were not seen as much as usual. And Notorious stopped posting on most of the LS pvp boards. What might go against the theory that Ironwill was Notorious is the fact that 2 months later I was jailed by a counselor, this was one of the main incidents for the counselor revision. The reason I was jailed was because I was accompanying a group of pks with one who had a one hit weapon. The next day GM Ironwill released me from jail and apologized for the counselors actions and had a conversation with me through the harassment channel. After that I would talk to him from time to time through this channel. This gos against what might have been his earlier actions on the msg boards where he claimed I advocated euthanasia and the holocaust. As a followup to that story is another that went around the LS grapevine about this same time. After the weapons patch that made archery the top dog there was an influx of one hit weapons on LS and supposedly on Napa. The creation of these weapons is supposedly linked to some gm who either supposedly made a mistake and screwed up some weapon modifier that effected weapons across the shards. But one night when DFM was out pking there came back reports of the use of one hit weapons by them. So was it a GM mistake or one making one hit weapons. On this I think we will never know, but I think we must consider now that this reason for the weapons must be considered now that the current evidence, if it is true, has surfaced. The reason I sent this to you three is because you all provide a voice for the player community, and even if the three of you do not always agree you give people a soapbox to speak on. So cut and paste all you want or post the whole thing but thrust this info to the Uo community so they may be the judges.

KillaX, former GM of HoS, LS