Got this from Alice Cooper, guildmaster of J-D:

When I read your “opinion” of the recent bannings, I was truly shocked. I am not trying to tell you that KoC are choirboys, because they definately are not. Their style of play is to have others fear and hate them, simular to MDK but to a lesser extent. I cannot comment on KoC explioting, duping or any DoS activity because I have never witnessed any KoC member doing anything like that. What I have witnessed in my 2.5 years of playing UO is KoC PKing, House looting, looting, stealing, trash talking, new rez killing, etc.(I was new rez’d killed 6x in a row recently by them, and they all seemed to be enjoying themselves). Generally speaking they don’t show any non-KoC in the game any respect. These things
Origin considers “anti-social”, and i’m sure OSI recieves many complaints about them, but they are not a violation of the TOS. The problem is, as far as I see it, OSI is getting tired of hearing constant complaints about certain players and guilds, and they think they can solve the problem and make the majority of the UO population happy by banning people/guilds. I’m not saying that some members of KoC didnt deserve to get banned, but blanket banning an entire guild (ala MDK) is just wrong and unfair. And you comparing them to Nazi’s isn’t right either Lum. What the Nazi’s did is a real thing, Ultima Online is just a game.

As I stated in the kTalk response before someone decided to exercise their 3l33t DoS skiLlZ, I did not say, or even imply that KoC were Nazis. I simply said that anyone who asserted that they joined KoC without knowing what kind of guild they were was being silly. Just as everyone knew what sort of party the Democrats are (to use a less emotionally charged phrase), everyone who wanted to join KoC knew what they were joining.

As for the principle of collective banning. As I said when MDK was banned, I disagree with it. I don’t think it’s good policy to blanket ban a guild based on its member’s actions. However, Origin has shown now again that they can and will do this. If you are in a guild that exploits, or has a tolerance of exploiters, it may be a good idea to say those magic words, “I resign from my guild”.

I think the nature of KoC had a great deal to do with the blanket ban. Judging from the banning letters we’ve seen, Origin is treating KoC as a guild that exploited en masse, and “innocent” members were banned simply for belonging. That is unfortunate. That is wrong. Assuming there were “innocent” members, a matter I think is still up for debate. It looks like a lot of these so-called “innocents” are saying, once all the self-justification is parsed out of the way, “I didn’t do anything – sure a lot of my friends cheated and duped, but *I PERSONALLY* didn’t, so I shouldn’t be banned.”

We don’t know the facts here. No one is coming forward and saying “Yeah, I did this, I should be banned.” So either Origin just got a corn cob up their butt and banned a bunch of folks they didn’t like for no apparent reason, or (and for some reason I consider this more likely, maybe I’m an Origin Pod Person now) Origin actually found evidence of some wrong doing among at least some of the folks who were banned. The point is, we really have no idea for sure. So those saying everyone banned were innocent lambs led to the slaughter, and those saying that Origin didn’t ban ENOUGH people and they should just go ban everyone not using the Elizabethan-to-English Transerv filter, are both wrong.

At this point, that’s about the only thing we do know. Other then that KoC sure likes posting on my site now.