I recieved this from everyone’s favorite counselor and satirist, Counselor X:

So GMs no longer want to hear about the castle that was placed illegally. Why should anyone care?

Well, considering the recent accounts of GM abuse (SRC Sex for Stuff Scandal), one cannot help but wonder if this isn’t a case of GMs not crossing “The Thin Blue Line”; or the Thin Red Line, as the case may be.

But that aside, my primary concern has nothing to do with houses, or sex, or females who play UO (which I think may actually be a first for me. Brace yourself as I cover all new ground).

This is yet another case of OSI opting to make an executive decision about UO, and keeping it a secret as long as they possibly can, from the people who send them piles of money every month. It started with thread, and while that case may be justified (imagine what would happen if In Testing said, “soon thread will cost 5 times as much”), it was the vanguard for what is now a fully operational battle station. The following edict was recently fired to all counselors. Untold numbers of ewoks are feared dead:

“Do not forward illegal housing calls to GMs. GMs will no longer track these issues.”

File this under commentary and opinion, but I seriously doubt they ever *did* track these issues. Perhaps they were too busy having some sex to get around to deleting houses. Perhaps they were too busy illegally placing houses to go around deleting illegally placed houses. Perhaps none of those stories are even true – but once the camel’s nose is under the tent, well you know the rest.

What troubles me most is that players are being given lip service about this and a good many other things as well (anybody summoned a skeleton lately? email me!). And when enough players (and counselors) start asking why the houses they reported 8 weeks ago still stand, rather than say, “well it looks like we dropped another ball. Sorry. We’re the Tony Banks of the software industry.” — instead, Gms will no longer take calls about illegally placed houses.

Which means there are no such things as illegally placed houses.

At least, that’s the policy this week. God knows what will be announced in secret IRC rooms next week.