As you may have noticed, we have been running house ads for EzzMedia for the past several days. These ads were supposed to be replaced by a major corporate sponsorship. Unfortunately, that sponsorship has not been forthcoming, leaving the Crossroads revival without a steady revenue stream. Therefore, we have
decided to being pursuing alternative sources of cash. In the future, that will mean merchandise and special product offerings, but for now, we’ll just be opening up to contributions from you, our community. All contributions will go towards the network’s bandwidth and other costs, and any excess will be invested in better hardware and software, to make this the fastest, most reliable network around. We appreciate any and all support you can give.

I talked to Alex P. Macris, CEO of Warcry, about using donations to keep the network afloat. He had this to say:

“As a business, we think – and this’ll be obvious to you all, the community – that community is where the real value lies in online games. That’s why we are 100% behind the network. But XR is currently saddled with a lot of costs and creditors, and its going to take time and effort to make it viable again.”

I’m beginning to wonder how much worse the internet economy will get before it stabilizes.