Customer Service Is Hard

SWG’s new community manager takes a different tack from what we’ve seen previously – managing threads by BEATING THEM INTO SUBMISSION! YAAR! CHOKE HOLD! NO TAP OUT! YAAAARGH!

No, really. Apparently one of his first acts was in making a Friday grab bag-style feature not about SWG, but about its associated collectible card game. The community was unhappy. But then, they were pacified with clear, calm, mature responses!

I feel shafted by many in this community. I am doing my job and I get all this flack about it?

troll my forums again and we’ll have an issue.

Opinion on the post is one thing but comments towards me, on something I had to do on my 3rd day on the job, is another.

I am offended too. That people will take all this time to do nothing but post all this negative text on my first FF. Give me a break. I have been here just over a week and not given a chance to do anything what so ever to make things better but keep spending my time replying to posts that I am sure were made for the previous TCG sets.

Please don’t see if I am all talk.

ahhhh.. you hurt me… I am…… I….. I am crying.. what ever. IT IS LOOT CARDS. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT for in GAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME and that brings in new PLAYERSSSSSSSSSSS. and new players mean more members for guildddddddddddddddddssssssssssssss.. and I am am tired of reading all this about TCG and getting nothing done for events I wanted to do let alone badge ideas. Now I just want to make a badge with a crying smiley on it and blast it out on here.

I get it. You don’t like it. Attacking me got you on a list you would rather not be on with me. May as well go talk to yourself now.

to make it faster I right click and open quote on each post I want to reply on. I want to make sure I give that personal touch. It floods the thread too just like the trolls have done for too long. lol

Now I just want to dust off the ban button.. put away my project lists for FF’s events, badges, and other things I wanted to do and had in works ALREADY and just slam away at this thread until people get it that I am not any of the other CRM’s that were here before. That I love to have fun but once you get me POd it’s game on.

hmmm. Well.. is it? or is it not? If I am smiling while I type am I angry? LOLOLOL This is fun for me. Just a waste of time for you all that want something done for SWG

And that’s just his first week. Tune in next week when someone posts about gungans!