DAILY RADAR ATE MY BALLS [Author: Arcadian Del Sol]

The following email was forwarded to me by someone who cares deeply:


Nintendo of America Inc. has filed suit against Imagine Media Inc. to stop the distribution and sale of Imagine’s unlicensed strategy guidebook for Pokemon Gold and Silver. The lawsuit concerns an unlicensed guidebook sold by Imagine for $9.99 that infringes Nintendo’s Pok\’c3\’a9mon trademark and copies wholesale from a variety of Nintendo’s own publications. It is not directed at editorial commentary by Imagine and makes no allegations regarding Imagine’s magazines or its websites. Nintendo first attempted to resolve the matter with Imagine informally and only filed the lawsuit after these attempts failed.

Nintendo seeks to provide its customers with the best possible strategy guidebooks, both through the Nintendo Power official strategy guidebooks and through well-respected book publishers such as Prima, Brady, and Empire that sell guidebooks under license from Nintendo. As demonstrated by other lawsuits filed by Nintendo, including a recent lawsuit against another unlicensed Pokemon Gold and Silver strategy guidebook that infringed Nintendo’s rights, Nintendo cannot tolerate such infringement and still protect its customers, its official licensees, and the strong [r]eputation of its brands.

Nintendo values its relationships with other gaming and other news

publications and will continue to provide its normal high level of support, including information, artwork, and screen shots, to such publications for use in keeping gamers informed about Nintendo’s exciting line-up of current and future products.


Nintendo of America
(Italics added)

So basically, Nintendo says “Websites equal good, published walkthrough guides equal bad.” Daily Radar seems to be pushing the case that Big Bad Game Company has shut down Amendment One, and made them stop putting up pictures of pokemon on the internet. When I contacted Daily Radar’s Nintendo editor, I was offered no comment because like, there’s a court case pending and stuff. I was however, reminded of the following paragraph from Daily Radar’s Nintendo Non-Section: “It is entirely possible that Nintendo will file another lawsuit against us if we continue to publish screenshots of Nintendo games in the course of our coverage.”

It is also entirely possible that the Goodyear Blimp will crash down on next week’s Super Bowl game. In spite of the potential for disaster, I throw caution to the wind and post this unofficial Goodyear Blimp Crashing On Super Bowl image:

The President and CEO of Imagine Media did not answer his email today, but I would suspect his reply would be something along the lines of: “Can’t talk. Nintendo Lawsuit. Save Me From Maximillion.”

So there you have it. Another mystery unraveled and another victory for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.