DAILY RADAR FOLDS [Author: Lum the Mad]

The big sites are starting to crash and burn… and we’re seeing the crash of one of the biggest. Daily Radar is supposedly closing as of tomorrow and all of its employees are to be terminated. Spotted on Quarter to Three, with a good deal of supporting documentation on Gamers Depot. Here’s a quote from an email supposedly sent out to Imagine employees.

Today, Imagine has closed it’s Internet properties: DailyRadar and the Computing Network. In the light of all that has befallen us this year so far, I don’t doubt that this will come as a surprise to all of you. Once again, products have closed and jobs have been lost. It hurts.

Very sadly, the demise of these sites means that most of the teams working on them will be leaving us this week. We are transferring a small number of people in to other businesses where there is a clear need but sadly we cannot find a place for everyone.

I guess piling on so many ads that it becomes difficult to find actual content may not be a viable business model after all. At any rate, if more develops we’ll keep you updated.