DARE TO BE STUPID [Author: lum]

Samwise, erstwhile cartoonist, needs your help. It seems he’s caught the Internet Popularity Poll bug, and, not being the shy sort, he wants to debut at #1.

Looking over the list, he has some fierce competition. Of course, as he will be the first to tell you, the fact that Sluggy Freelance, another fine, damn fine comic strip, will make 52 weeks at #1 if Samwise’s quest fails, is merely a coincidence.

But there are more enemies for the brave fictional characters of PvP to frag than a small rabbit-like thing. There’s http://www.rawtruth.com that apparently is like this web site, only even less focused. There’s http://www.grognards.com the penultimate site for wargamers who are too grumpy to buy computers. And there are just an obscene amount of web sites devoted to anthromorphized animals. I don’t want to know why so many people have this bizarre fetish, but keep the hell away from my pets.

In any event, you (YOU) must help Samwise in his quest to be all that he can be. If you won’t do it for him, or even for me, do it for this one simple reason – Dr. TwisTer only made it to #2.

Go here to vote. They will ask you a lot of questions designed to send you spam (which is the whole point of the exercise, but don’t tell Samwise, it will only hurt his feelings) but feel free to lie like a dog when filling them out