Darkfall: If You Bought It Once, Surely You'll Buy It Again And Again

At the risk of my immortal soul being cast into torment, it’s time to briefly note events in the Darkfall megaverse. Mainly, WarDarkfall is coming to America! I know, we’re all excited. So excited, let’s queue up the Darkfall soundtrack! Remember, every time I post about Darkfall, you get an Ayumi Hamasaki video. It’s like multiple gifts that keep giving, really.


My own experience with Darkfall matched, well, my experience watching the above video – immediate recoiling, wait a minute, what the hell IS that thing, are they REALLY doing that, oh, I’m embarassed I watched that, ok, that was sort of cool, oh, it’s done, man, I need a drink, oh cool, there’s some in the fridge, ah, much better, hm, I wonder if I recorded the Daily Show last night, oh, hey, I’m still writing this blog entry.

Yes, writing about Darkfall is EXACTLY like that. If only playing Darkfall were as interesting.

And that’s really why there never was any followup to the epic Lum Wanders Darkfall Aimlessly To A J-Pop Beat series of posts – not because I wasn’t hardcore killer enough, or because I disliked the thought of being randomly ganked (which never happened, ever, by the way), or whatever – but because I just wasn’t that into it. It was the fatal “I could be playing something fun right now” moment. I could have gotten into a guild anonymously and continued to run in several directions swinging a sword in a dramatic overhand motion – but I didn’t really want to. And I’m not making any judgement about the dozens of people who *do* want to – it’s quite apparent from any posting mentioning the “D” word on the Internet that it has its loyal defenders. Which is fine – any game can develop a coterie, especially one as targeted-niche as Darkfall.

Those loyal defenders, at least, are once again to be tested. At least the ones in America.

The American server will launch on July 7th. Characters from the European server can be cloned and moved without their possessions 3 months after the American launch. Certain restrictions and charges will apply, to be announced at a later date. In the meanwhile if you want to play on the American server at launch you need to buy the American Darkfall client. More information on the American server will be available in a few days.

This is probably about the worst possible solution possible that Aventurine could have devised:

  • In a game based on guilds vs. guilds, guilds will be forced to decide, on a case by case basis between rerolling on a new server and participating in the land rush, waiting 3 months (because Aventurine has a track record of meeting announced dates, we can assume this will happen on schedule), or staying on the original server
  • Players have been demanding a new server to get a fresh start without the bug exploits that existed at launch, but will need to pay again for the privilege…
  • …and it won’t matter, because said exploit-levelled characters will just charcopy on over a few months later, anyway.

So, really, it’s perfect! Because in the grim world of Darkfall, if you’re not a bad enough dude to rescue the President, you need to just GTFO. What would be crippling missteps for other MMOs are just the daily news in Darkfall.

But then again, I’m probably just part of the Vast Carebear-Wing Conspiracy, which EVEN NOW is assaulting everything Darkfall stands for…

The current public forums will remain active for anyone to post in, but moderation will be stronger. This because we’re getting people from other communities with the sole intention of disrupting our forums. The Darkfall community has always been a source of good feedback, constructive criticism, and inspiration for the Darkfall developers and we’ll keep it that way by doing away with the non-constructive elements.

Yes, really, the ONLY problem with the Darkfall forum community are those annoying other communities. PURGE THE HERETICS.

Thank you for reading
The Darkfall Team

No, The Darkfall Team, thank YOU.