Darkfall May Or May Not Have Launched, May Or May Not Be Available For Purchase, You May Or May Not Care

Darkfall pre-orders have sold out! Good thing too, since as this is launch day they can’t technically sell any more. Now they would be called “orders”.

The latest update has Darkfall slouching towards Bethlehem to be born sometime “this evening European time”. For you Amurrican types, that would be… right about now (at this writing it is 7:00 PM GMT). So… Darkfall may have already launched! You probably missed it because you suck and aren’t hardcore and/or European enough.  Can’t you feel the steady beat of the bodies hitting the floor? Oh wait, that’s the other game that launched today: “50 Cent: Blood on the Sandwich“, where Fitty goes on a mad rampage to kill everyone who dares to bleed on his food, thus causing more blood to spill in an existential commentary on the futility of violence.

Which has nothing to do with Darkfall. Or Shadowbane, for that matter.