Darkfall NDA Lifted, UO Wants Their Backpacks Back

For those of you still muttering to this day about something called Trammel, your ship has arrived.

Probably one of my favorite aspects of PvP combat that makes Darkfall unique is the incapacitation of a player when they reach zero life (excluding the rare and freakish decapitation). This starts a 60 second or so window where you get to decide the fate of the fallen player, or have some choice words with them. There are no revive spells in Darkfall, but when someone is in this state, anyone can help them back up without need of any spell or item. If the person lays there for too long, they will bleed to death and expire. The option is also your to deliver the final blow to send the fallen player back to their bind point naked, and ironically this is called the “Gank” skill by the game. Incapacitated players will yell out “HELP ME!” when reaching zero life, which can be heard from quite a distance away.

Insult to injury? Why yes, they *do* understand their target market! (All eight of them.)

There is no kill stealing or tagging system for monsters either. This means anyone can loot anything regardless of who hit it first, last, or did the most damage. While this can sometimes be problematic depending on who is near you, most of the time people seemed to have some degree of respect for who did the dirty work.

I’m sure that will last. No one in Darkfall would EVER grief you. And if you do, I guess you could kill them, then emote over their helpless bleeding corpse for 60 seconds. That seems fair.