Darkfall Psychoanalytics

Protip: if you are amused by the long dark nightmare that is the Darkfall community’s soul, it’s probably because you were a whiny baby in UO. (By the way, Syncaine, playing UO in the Good Old Days wasn’t exactly rocket science.)

Remember: Darkfall – STRICTLY FOR THE HARDCORE. To remind you of this, we leave you with some out of context quotes from Darkfall’s Community Manager, who, given the launch and the general nature of Darkfall’s community, is probably drinking heavily RIGHT NOW.

<@Brannoc> I’d be happy to tell you to go fuck yourselves! But a lot of people say that’s bad PR
<@Brannoc> so…I’m trying not to

Mudkipslolwu: Brannoc can i get you to comment on the nude photos that have recently surfaced including both you and tasos?
<@Brannoc> my penis is bigger, Mudkipslolwu

In other Darkfall news (Broken Toys: All Darkfall, All the time! Well, until someone else releases an MMO.), Keen of Keen & Graev has a non-schadenfreudy launch day recap.