Darkfall Re-Reviewed By Eurogamer

Kieron Gillen discovers that the meta-drama of Darkfall is far more interesting than the actual game of Darkfall, especially after the first attempt at a review was met with much caterwauling.

In short, for one side, there was all the proof in the world. For the other, there was nothing.

From Aventurine’s perspective, they have logs showing that a reviewer who slaughtered their love-child had barely touched the game. They’re happy to show them to Eurogamer. Hell, they’re so confident they’re happy enough to fly a tech guy over to show them the logs. It’s clear the reviewer is lying about how much he’s played. The review is an outrage and a fiasco.

From Eurogamer’s perspective, they have a developer claiming that logs show something. Logs which are entirely within their control. I’d be surprised if Eurogamer has a tech guy in-house capable of ascertaining the meaning of the logs. More so, when changing logs is an absolutely trivial task, what the logs say when that tech examines it is ultimately meaningless. If Aventurine was dissembling, Eurogamer wouldn’t be able to tell.

As long as the reviewer claimed reasonably that he’d played the game for longer, Tom [Bramwell, editor] had to back him because – really – it was his word against theirs.

Aventurine should be pleased now, though, as their score is significantly improved from the original 2/10! However, there is a definite paucity of Ayumi Hamasaki videos in the piece, which we’ll rectify here: