Darkfall Schadenfreude Alert

As the Darkfall servers are now up and accepting customers, I’m announcing that the Darkfall Schadenfreude Level has been lowered from OMGZRed to Working As Expected Orange. Stay tuned for future updates; watch especially for the Darkfall developers to come out of their bunkers to announce how much they pwned the rest of the industry.

And yes, as Tobold and others have noted, I am taking an unhealthy level of glee in this. Come on, it’s been almost a DECADE of interacting with the wonderful and perfectly well-adjusted Darkfall community. This makes Horizons look like a marvel of efficient project management.

But now, it’s shipped. And as Tasos and the other Aventurine developers are about to discover, things change when you go live. The wolves have teeth, and they’re going to be looking for soft necks.

To commemerate Darkfall being up and available for your pwning roleplayer needs, the best Darkfall video ever made.